Taste the difference.

There's Angus. Then there's the Certified Angus Beef® brand.


* A cut above USDA Prime,

Choice and Select


We are a licensed steakhouse of Certified Angus Beef LLC.

"The Dugout" Party Room

     Our dynamic "Dugout" banquet room is "The Perfect Setting" for seating up to 70 people, or larger groups if events require less seating, such as reunions, with the luxuries of its own entrance and a fully stocked service bar for your every need.

     We host an array of events including rehearsal dinners. wedding and baby showers, birthdays, holiday parties, business meetings, receptions, reunions, memorial lunches, or anything near and dear to you!

     Table-side service or buffet style, we offer a large segment of appetizer, lunch, or dinner selections custom designed to meet your every need, and there is a never a room charge. We make it easy for you to enjoy your special event.

The Dugout is the Triple Crown of the Green Diamond. Not only do you have private bar access, but the same great menu as the dining room.


     Call ahead to book your company party, birthday party, wedding rehearsal dinner, or any occasion! Owner Connie Kriston is always happy to help you plan for your needs to maximize your use of our beautiful Dugout!

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